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Originally Posted by iluvfish2 View Post
You will loose this one if you are using bubble mailers. Per the USPS[c_usps4537]&varset%28source%29=sourceType:embedded

To use Delivery Confirmation, a Package Services or Parcel Select parcel must meet the following criteria:

The surface area must be large enough to contain completely and legibly the delivery/return information, postage, and any applicable markings, endorsements, and extra service forms.

The parcel must be greater than inch thick at at the thickest point.

If the mailpiece is no greater than inch thick, the contents must be prepared in rigid packaging: the contents must be prepared in a strong and rigid fiberboard or similar container or in a container that becomes rigid after the contents are enclosed and the container is secured. The parcel must be able to maintain its shape, integrity, and rigidity throughout processing and handling without collapsing into a letter-size or flat-size piece.
How exactly do I lose that argument? My cards are always shipped with cardboard or decoys taped to the top and bottom, like a "Cardboard Sandwich". Therefore, my packages are always rigid. They maintain their shape because of the cardboard so it is unable to collapse into a letter or flat size piece.

Basically, you said I would lose the argument with the USPS over the "rigid rule", yet you stated specifically that the "rigid rule" I mentioned is one of the criteria they use. Your evidence is opposite what you said and corroborates what I said.
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