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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
This douche not only took my card and refund, he then leaves me a negative after the fact. I knew something was wrong when he bid on my auction stated he was from the UK. So he bypassed paying international shipping to China. He is registered under Then when he wins and pays, the paypal shipping address is to China.

Ontop of all that he took 3 weeks to pay. So he opens his case literally right after paying (or started complaining why hasnt his card come yet).

Im done with sending to China. ITs seriously not worth it. Want to take my card, no problems. Want a refund, fine ill give it to you. Then to leave me a neg? Seriously on top of everything you extorted from me already? Just not worth it. I hope this guy bangs a chicken and gets the bird flu.
Chinese you say?



Back to English:

This wash not only my card and refund, and then he left me with negative facts. I know what is wrong when he said that he was in my auction bid from England. So he bypass the payment of the Chinese international shipping. His next registered and paid and then when he won the PayPal shipping address is China.

ontop, he spent three weeks pay. So, he opened his own case, to pay (literally started to complain about why there is no card).

IM sent to China to do. Serious not worth it. To take my card, no problem. To refund, fine ill give you. And then leave me a negative? Seriously above all else, you have extorted from me? Not worth it. I hope this guy bangs a chicken, and avian flu.

I'd try to contact the buyer through ebay about the $35 payment. As soon as he bites, send it to eBay.
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