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Originally Posted by mkal411 View Post
Hey guys,

I don't know about you, but sometimes I enjoy opening Bowman product from years past more than the current stuff.

Tonight I tried 2 boxes of '07 BDPP and 1 box of '09 Bowman.

I think it was a solid break overall. Let me know what you think...

Here are the noteworthy hits:

'07 BDPP:
Daniel Moskos base auto
Blake Beavan blue ref auto /150
Trevor Pippen red ref /5
^Unfortunately, he doesn't appear to be in the database

'09 Bowman:
Yu Darvish WBC chrome
Yu Darvish WBC paper
Charlie Blackmon ref auto /500

My total Yu count is now:
'09 Bowman (chrome) - 4
'09 Bowman (chrome ref) - 1
'09 Bowman (paper) - 6
'09 Bowman (gold paper parallel) - 1
'09 Bowman Draft (chrome) - 1
'09 Bowman Draft (chrome ref) - 1
'09 Bowman Draft (paper) - 2
'09 Bowman Draft (gold paper parallel) - 1
Grand total - 17

That's because he runs a small, yet moderately successful insurance company in his home town now.
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