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Originally Posted by ReinholdMessner View Post
Stutes and Bastardo were about as automatic as they come for the better part of last season. To write them off as unreliable at this point is a bit silly. I think Bastardo can be a very reliable left specialist and Qualls/Stutes will be more than adequate in the 6th/7th inning. That still leaves a hole in the 8th inning there. Either someone needs to step up or we pray that one of the Lehigh arms emerges
Agreed, but that was last season. I'll give you Bastardo..he's probably my favorite out of the group. Stutes REALLY fell of this year and hasn't looked any better this year (and now he's hurt). I'm not saying all of the players are bad, I'm just saying there is nobody that is a gimme (ie. Madson in the 8th) or even close to it on this team. The poor hitting overshadows that problem.

Originally Posted by phillyphantom7 View Post
I'm not sure I agree on this. The numbers don't necessarily support the "eye test" for me on this, but Stutes especially brings the confidence and attitude our bullpen needs. I know, I know...this isn't an "attitude/confidence" problem, but with our bats being so bad (as you mentioned being the primary issue) we have to have the bullpen on board to hold down a Halladay/Lee/Hamels low-run allowance. We all agree the bats are the issue, but if the middle-relievers don't believe in the team enough that giving up a run in the 7th-8th inning(s) puts the game out of reach, then we're sunk this season.

Speaking of bats, how good is that Pence trade looking? This guy continues to breath life into a seriously anemic offense like Jayson Werth used to (for $100million less )
Yeah completely disagree with that. I liked Stutes when he first came up (for a good couple months) but since then he's just completely fallen off. I've seen plenty of "eyeing" with him where I can tell he doesn't have it now.

Again, this is all a secondary problem right now.
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