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Originally Posted by mthokie83 View Post
Relevant to the actual play on ice? No. Relevant to the game/series itself? Yes

I believe that had it been Washington vs. Philly it wouldn't have happened (or would have been less widespread. Like you said, it wasn't one or two people on twitter, it was a ton of nitwits. Look at what Simmonds had to put up with in the preseason. Tass may not like it or want to talk about it, but this is as relevant as ever.
I believe you are 110% wrong. It would have happened in Philly. Shockingly, they, like every place else have racists. They also have an abundance of drunken morons like other places as well. You think the place that boos Santa, pukes on other fans, and beats opposing fans in the parking lot wouldn't use racial slurs??
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