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Originally Posted by mgugs46 View Post
I believe you are 110% wrong. It would have happened in Philly. Shockingly, they, like every place else have racists. They also have an abundance of drunken morons like other places as well. You think the place that boos Santa, pukes on other fans, and beats opposing fans in the parking lot wouldn't use racial slurs??
And I believe YOU are 110% wrong. While your argument of using every tired (and false) cliche to paint Philly fans as savages is very strong (yeah, right), there is a difference between being an a**hole and being a racist.

Having lived in both cities, I don't think the same thing would've happened in Philly, at least to the same degree (of course there are racists living everywhere, but I can't say I was entirely shocked by the # of people tweeting racist garbage after the game).

And to humor you, even if the same thing would happen in Philly, does that make it any more excusable?
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