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Originally Posted by Nicnac View Post
Wrong: I didn't start the racism topic here so, it apparently had something to do with racism before you or I opened our mouths.

Wrong: I don't see anyone preaching in this thread beside you.
"Racism doesn't belong in this thread, can I get an AMEN!"

Lashing out at others with insults because you have no other means to carry a discussion or argument is perhaps not the best thing when you're trying to prove a point, one that you are incorrect at no matter how rude you get. Racism is a part of sports and though you might want to hide it that doesn't make it go away.

Wrong: Why should I go to Off Topic to talk about racism in HOCKEY? That belongs in the HOCKEY section.

How many things can you get wrong in a single post?
Not much I can say as you continue to amaze me by assisting me in making my point, for that, I Thank You! The only point you got correct was indeed you did not start the topic, but by simply trolling it, and attempting to make a condensending comment my way I did indeed lash out, sorry you took it as hurtfull, but that's reality.
You see I truly feel sad for you and your negative outlook on society in general, your thoughts on "it's a mean world" tend to make me believe you have alot of negative in your life, don't worry it can only get better
I look at all the positive things that surround me, and as in my original post will continue to refuse to acknowledge the few nitwits that attempt to corrupt it, where in your 'mean world' ,that was my an attempt to make bigotry go away.
You see when you ignore such people they do tend to go away, not to difficult to understand correct, kind of like turning the other cheek I think I will practice what I preach now and just ignore you
Good luck with your racism in Sports campaign, other than commenting on a sports blog, just curious as to what else you plan to do to make sure it does not get swept under the carpet or whatever else you and your buddy were trying so desperately to point out
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