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Originally Posted by WilsonValdez View Post
And I believe YOU are 110% wrong. While your argument of using every tired (and false) cliche to paint Philly fans as savages is very strong (yeah, right), there is a difference between being an a**hole and being a racist.

Having lived in both cities, I don't think the same thing would've happened in Philly, at least to the same degree (of course there are racists living everywhere, but I can't say I was entirely shocked by the # of people tweeting racist garbage after the game).

And to humor you, even if the same thing would happen in Philly, does that make it any more excusable?
You realize I live close to Philly and the things I cited above all actually happened right? And that some fans at Eagles or Phillies or in some cases Flyers games are in fact basically savages right? Philly fans get painted that way because thats the way a whole bunch of them act. I go there all the time. I go to Boston all the time. I go to NYC all the time. I hear awful things, and racist things ALL THE TIME at all 3 places. Do you know how many things I was called at the Jets/Patriots Sunday night game for wearing a Brady jersey? Or how much food/gum/beer/etc was thrown at me? #@#@#@#@ happens everywhere.

And of course it doesnt make it right - it just makes me laugh that people somehow think Boston is this super racist city, while places like Philly/NYC, etc, etc would never behave in such a manner.

There are #@#@#@#@#@#@#@s everywhere dude.
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