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Originally Posted by cruiserdaddy7 View Post
Absolutely pathetic they would spell his name wrong on such a desirable card. I still dont understand why people have to put a disclaimer that they dont agree with what Hitler did etc when they pull a card of his. Sell it and make some money and life goes on. Whats done is done and you certainly weren't his right hand man. I dont see a need for the disclaimers after people post what a great card it is. Its a great pull and I hope you do well when you decide to cash it in.
I agree. I remember reading the thread on the Horrors of War cut and there were many people saying they wouldn't want the card/they would destroy it/being down on the OP for pulling it etc etc. Even though he is one of history's worst individuals, it is a piece of history that historians or wealthy collectors might want to own/preserve. It can also significantly change your life financially if you decide to sell.
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