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Originally Posted by doubledribble View Post
I guess we are not breaking today?
I posted yesterday that the case would not arrive till Friday. Had hoped to do this tonight, but with no case you'd be stuck watching me open 2007 Topps FB.

Planning tomorrow night - 8:30 pm. Will bust live, then scan, and pack/ship.

Originally Posted by Andrew Jones View Post
The host can correct me if I'm wrong, but essentially all non-base cards are considered to be hits. Most boxes have 8 non-base cards so that's 8 hits per box. Slot #1 will get the first non-base card in box #1. Based on the breaks I've seen, the first non-base card in each box is typically a vet/retired player/HOFer base patch parallel, the second through fourth non-base cards are jerseys and patches, the fifth through seventh non-base cards are autos (some with jerseys or patches, some just autos), and the eighth card tends to be the biggie (RPA, star/HOF patch auto, star/HOF jersey auto, etc.). Thus, slots 1, 9, 17, and 25 are likely to yield a vet/retired player/HOFer base patch parallel, slots 2-4, 10-12, 18-20, and 26-28 are likely to yield a jersey or patch card, slots 5-7, 13-15, 21-23, and 29-31 are likely to yield an auto (and perhaps a jersey auto or patch auto), slots 8, 16, 24, and 32 are likely to yield the big hit in the box, and slot #33 would get all the base.

That being said, the booklets are not always the last non-base card in the box so other slots in the break could get a huge hit. Also, if there is an extra hit in any of the boxes, that could change the above. For example, if box #1 has 9 hits and all the rest have 8, slot #9 would get the biggie from the first box and slot #17 would get the biggie from the second box, slot #25 would get the biggie from the third box, and the biggie from the fourth box would be randomed off amongst all the slot holders, at least I think that's what the host stated.

Hopefully all of this made some sense and you are less confused now. Also, I hope it is all accurate. If not, I hope fish simply corrects me as opposed to banning me!
Yep - this is what I'm planning. Assuming all boxes will have 8 hits (non base). If this holds true then Slot # 33 will be a base slot. If we do get a box with 9 slots...not only does that change up the expected slots since the hits then get bumped, but Slot 33 will then be a hit slot and the base will then be randomized for all.
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