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Default 2008 Topps Chrome 2010 Bowman Plat

Stopped at Walmart and saw a couple boxes sitting there so I grabbed them. I have never broke a box of 2008 Topps Chrome but there are a lot of really cool inserts of mickey mantle.

Each box comes with 2 autos mine were:

J.R. Towles refractor 338/500
Rich Thompson

I had 2 Copper Refractors and lots of story cards but then I got this!!!!

Mickey Mantle Red Refractor MHRC470 16/25

Looked on ebay and they are going for about $75!!!! 2008 TOPPS CHROME MICKEY MANTLE RED REFRACTOR HR# 475 YANKEES HOFer #17/25 RARE! | eBay

2010 Bowman Plat

Pretty bad box I think. I got a Ryan Howard refractor /500 few others a Mike Minor gold refractor out of 539

I did get an auto though of Alex Wilson!!

I dont have any scans I just bought them on my lunch break. Thanks for looking though!

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