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Originally Posted by catfishhedberg View Post
Before factoring in shipping, supplies and paypal fees, that comes out to $15.50 per hit slot.

I was also thinking of running it as a team break of sorts but instead of Teams it would be by the letter. So, there would be 26 slots (A-Z) and you would get all the cards associated with that letter (For instance if you got H and we pulled a Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan, those would both go to the H slot). With that setup a slot would be $35.75 before factoring in shipping, supplies and fees. This option of course is more of a boom or bust option.
interesting concept...would have to see what the checklist looked like before taht though, some letters might be totally shafted and have no shot ("Q" maybe??)

lots of ways this could be done, hit random, alpha, hit draft...whatever makes it easier for you
Not looking for anything specific...usually will just looks through buckets and lists to see what catches my eye.
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