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Originally Posted by mrwalken View Post
I would add that when people are reviewing a card that has been flagged as incorrectly listed, they should look at the other cards listed under the same title. If two totally different cards are listed together, one of them has to be wrong. It seems like sometimes, I flag an incorrectly listed card and it gets changed immediately. Other times, I keep flagging the same card over and over without success.
I would guess part of the problem is that there are some people trying to get values/prices lowered so they can buy the cards cheaper. I have had a few cards changed that were very suspect, such as changing from an autograph to a common. For such a change to happen you either have an employee doing bad things or a COMC customer with bad intentions, even if it was a customer reporting it the COMC employee that changed would have to been clueless to make the change.

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