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Default POLL - Blowout Cards Best Pull Contest: April 2012 (CLOSED)

We're going to let you guys decide who the winner should be!

The April '12 "Pull of the Month" Winner will receive:

2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Baseball HOBBY Box!

Please vote for who you think the winner of the Blowout Cards Best Pulls: April Contest should be! (Poll will be live for exactly 1 week from today)

Here are your choices!

1. Johnny Unitas NT Souvenir Cut Auto 4/5
2. Daniel Thomas NT NFL Shield Auto
3. Matt Moore Museum Collection Auto 1/5
4. Demarco Murray NT NFL Shiled Auto 1/1
5. Dan Marino Five Star 1/1 Booklet
6. A.J. Green Supreme 1/1 Booklet
7. Ray Lewis NT Pro Bowl Logo Patch 1/1
8. Al Kaline Museum 5/5 Auto
9. Jackie Robinson 07 Leg Cut Auto 4/5
10. Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig Tristiar Dual Auto Ball Grand Prize

Visit the Best Pulls Contest Entry Page to see pics of all the April Best Pulls!

We will Officially Announce the Winner on May 8, 2012!

Congratulations to Forum Member Bruiser Winner of the April 2012 Blowout Cards Best Pulls Contest!

Please email us at to claim your FREE box of 2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Baseball Hobby!

Here's a pic of the Pull of the Month!


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