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Originally Posted by sdothbc View Post
I guess i look at it differently being in Canada, and tracking being so damn expensive to the states, and having to wait often a month to get things from the states, but I always wait until the last day to file a claim, regardless of communication. Then I'd wait until the last day to escalate the claim, as I'm protected either way so it doesn't hurt me to wait, either the cards show up or i get my money back. I have done this a couple of times with american sellers and in between opening the claim and escalation, the cards have arrived.
Now as for feedback, it all depends, really the biggest determination for me would be how long they took to send compared with what they told me or what their ebay listing stated as their handling time.
I'm new to all this so don't know the ins and outs about going about this. I'd still wait...but I've passed up on tons of Nimmos for a similar price because with these I have the amount I want, and being a college kid on kind of a budget don't like to have unsure money locked up that long Eh, we'll see I suppose. He seems nice though.
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