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Originally Posted by ufcwecfan View Post
Only reason brock was champ is cuz he fought mir. Who btw beat him there first fight. Then brock got ko by cain and overeem. Lesnar a str8 biotch.
mir was saved in that first fight by bad stoppage . wehn the fight was re started mir got a hold of brock and tapped him out .

brock beat a very experienced fighter by the name of heath herring , beat mir ...... randy couture ....... shane carwin ....... he did all this by coming in as a complete newbie . he didnt come in and have any easy fights . he was given tough fights right away and overall did very well . you cant deny that .
the guy tried , eventualy got realy sick , and wasnt the same person .by the way he was beaten last by overeem which ...... by the way failed his drug test .

so im just curious as to just how healthy brock is ? im realy curious to see how he performs on sunday
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