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Default Need $$? I'm your ATM. Looking for large modern lots

I prefer higher end modern such as autographs & GU of stars with SV of $30 and up. I will also consider cards such as graded and raw key rookies from 80's and 90's, Griffey JR UD, Jeter SP, Arod SP, etc. I will also look at cheaper cards such as Boggs/Mattingly/Gwynn/Sandberg etc if there is enough of them to make it worth while.

I buy wholesale, I will pay between 50-75% of ebay (read OF, not OFF) If you think this works for you, please contact me.

Plenty to spend for the right lots.

Let me know what you have!
Minimum purchase made is $2500. Please don't ask if your grouping is lower.

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