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Default 2012 Bowman Baseball 5 HOBBY Case Break - RANDOM TEAM



Any Aflac or Buy Back autos will be randomed between the teams that have no auto's in the set. The remainder of those teams will then get a case worth of wrappers for the redemption program. Once those teams that do not have auto's available have been filled with the remainder of the wrappers will be randomed between the remaining members. In my head this makes total sense, but if I am confusing you please let me know.

1. 3. Shanehw (from endthecurse) Boston Red Sox
2. 20. vinnyvegas (2) Chicago White Sox
3. 18. mjlulich (1) Colorado Rockies
4. 26. Bjsportscards77 (from dashcounter (1)) New York Mets
5. 2. Butchhig (1) Detroit Tigers
6. 4. dimer10 (from chadc13 (1)) San Diego Padres
7. 12. pigeonsbaseball (from Major_League (1)) Baltimore Orioles
8. 25. hobbiewt (1) Arizona Diamondbacks
9. 19. meyer9977 Florida Marlins
10. 15. wilsonsingles (1) Milwaukee Brewers
11. 17. YanksBillsFan(1) Los Angeles Angels
12. 30. DirtyBirdy (1) Cincinnati Reds
13. 27. jrodlc08 (1) Washington Nationals
14. 11. Major_League (from Bjsportscards77 (from Cubs17 (1))) Toronto Blue Jays
15. 22. carl2001 (1) Kansas City Royals
16. 16. Sushiyoshi (1) Houston Astros
17. 24. bcxraider (from endthecurse (1)) Los Angeles Dodgers
18. 28. Tai (1) Texas Rangers
19. 13. Cubs17 (from Bjsportscards77) Chicago Cubs
20. 29. Poonchka (1) Philadelphia Phillies
21. 21. Jon_21 (Bjsportscards77) St. Louis Cardinals
22. 5. bcxraider Atlanta Braves
23. 1. Andrew Jones (1) Pittsburgh Pirates
24. 8. SavageScott (1) Tampa Bay Rays
25. 9. meyer9977 (2) Oakland Athletics
26. 6. imnotded (from Bjsportscards77 (from Bostonfin (1))) San Francisco Giants
27. 7. Bjsportscards77 (3) Cleveland Indians
28. 10. chadc13 (from dimer10 (1)) Seattle Mariners
29. 23. pigeonsbaseball (from vinnyvegas) Minnesota Twins
30. 14. Shanehw (1) New York Yankees

Andrew Jones PAID
bcxraider PAID
Bjsportscards77 PAID
Bostonfin PAID
Butchhig PAID
carl2001 PAID
chadc13 PAID
Cubs17 PAID
dashcounter PAID
dimer10 PAID
DirtyBirdy PAID
endthecurse PAID
hobbiewt PAID
jrodlc08 PAID
Major_League PAID
meyer9977 PAID
mjlulich PAID
Poonchka PAID
SavageScott PAID
Shanehw PAID
Sushiyoshi PAID
vinnyvegas PAID
wilsonsingles PAID
YanksBillsFan PAID

This will be a random team break of 5 cases of 2012 Bowman. You will have 1 team for all 5 cases.

Once we are full and paid a moderator will random the list of 30 spots. You will get all the cards from the team(s), including all paper and chrome base cards. All serial numbered cards will be penny sleeved and put in a top loader for shipping. All regular refractors will just penny sleeved, then team bagged. Due to the amount of cards being shipped I will use USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes. You may be asked to pay a little more for shipping for the additional shipping costs for insurance. The value of 5 cases of cards can add up quickly, especially teams that have auto’s.

AFLAC Auto's and one (1) case worth of wrappers for the wrapper redemption will be randomed at the end of the break. Aflac autos will be given first (depending on how many (if any) we get) and the wrappers will go to the next 5 people on the random list.

Cost Breakdown:
5 cases of 201Bowman Hobby (5 * $950) = $4,750/30 = $158
Shipping and supplies = $15
Paypal Fee’s = (173.00+.3 * 1.029 ) = $5.31
Total = $178.31

First spot: $178.00
Additional spots: $166.00

This price has the possibility of changing due to this being a pre-sale item. The sooner we fill up and get locked in, the better off we will be as far as price.

Also, if you have a spot(s) with auto's be prepared to pay for upgraded shipping costs due to insurance.

What makes a spot in the break?
• All 30 MBL teams

You will have 48 hours from the time the break goes active to make your payment. All non-base cards will be sent in a penny sleeve and top loader. Base cards will be team bagged.

• Please make you payments promptly so we can get the case ordered. I am on the west coast and it takes a week to get here. The sooner you pay, the sooner we pull some monster cards
• Breaks will be done rather late for those of you on the east coast. However the breaks will be recorded so you can watch later if you choose.
• I will do my best to get scans of all the hits posted the same night as the break.
• I, the host, reserve the right to participate in the break
• The break will take place live on and will be recorded if you cannot not make the break time.
• If you hit a card(s) worth $250 or more you will be required to pay additional shipping costs for insurance and/or certified mail.
• Buying/selling/trading of spots in the break can only be made to other members in this break.
• Due to the large number of spots in this break it may take me a few days to get all the cards out in the mail.
• Please Subscribe to this thread.


1. Andrew Jones (1)
2. Butchhig (1)
3. endthecurse (2)
4. chadc13 (1)
5. bcxraider
6. Bostonfin (1)
7. Bjsportscards77 (3)
8. SavageScott (1)
9. meyer9977 (2)
10. dimer10 (1)
11. Cubs17 (1)
12. Major_League (1)
13. Bjsportscards77
14. Shanehw (1)
15. wilsonsingles (1)
16. Sushiyoshi (1)
17. YanksBillsFan(1)
18. mjlulich (1)
19. meyer9977
20. vinnyvegas (2)
21. Bjsportscards77
22. carl2001 (1)
23. vinnyvegas
24. endthecurse
25. hobbiewt (1)
26. dashcounter (1)
27. jrodlc08 (1)
28. Tai (1)
29. Poonchka (1)
30. DirtyBirdy (1)

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