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I completely forgot to divide by the 250 player checklist when talking about the letter cards in another thread. I'm not a math guy.

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Originally Posted by kakman View Post
250 Master Cases = 750 Cases = 12,000 Boxes

Base cards = 2.5 per box = 60,000 bases/48 cards = 625 of each player provided there are no short prints, like Ali, Nicklaus and Lee in series D

Minis - 6,000/48 SKs total = 115 regular, 7 Silver and 3 Golds

SPORTKINGS LOGO Cards = (1) per box, 12,000/48 = 250 of each player, 25 of each letter except "S" which I assume will be 50. It will be interesting to see if collectors trade these in or keep for PCs. I'm sure many collectors will want a complete SPORTKINGS of Griffey Jr., Ripken, etc. rather than redeem for an special quag memorabilia card.

The checklist of Spectacular Patches checklist is Spectacular, imagine pulling the Michael Jordan or Mike Bibby, the thrill or agony!
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