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Guys will update later - got busy last night and never got this updated..but think Case 1 is now full and working on case 2

Originally Posted by xbignick View Post
"Once all slots have filled (willing to do additional cases), slots will be randomized three times and that list will be used for the break order"
So it's a hit draft right, we draft hits in order, or will you random the hits and put them against the randomed list of people joining the break?
I know this was posted. Right now I'm planning on this being a RANDOM Hit Break so if you get slot # 5, you'll get the 5th card pulled. Given the semi large checklist (and/or variation on the cards) doing this via draft will work but could be really hard to assess value on some of the lower cards (since host has to provide a preranked draft list). I personally prefer the random hit breaks as they're much easier for a host to sort, but also makes it fast/easy for the slot holders to know exactly what they got.
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