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Originally Posted by Melonhead1991 View Post
i remember getting a 2009 Bowman Chrome Refractor Auto of Jay Austin from 2009 Bowman as a redemption, not sure if he had live and redemption. same with Jake McGee from 2008 Bowman Chrome. Not sure if this helps
I have opened quite a bit of 2009 Bowman as of late and believe that I pulled a Jay Austin chrome base auto (live, not 100% on that though the more that I think about it). I will put a note in the list to say that he may have some variations live and some via redemption until we have further confirmation.

Also, I'll put McGee's '08 BC auto as a redemption. Thanks for the reply!

Anyone else? Thoughts/comments/suggestions/corrections?
Collecting Hunter Pence. Send me a PM if you have any 2010 TTT Pence relics/autos FS/FT.

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