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Default sidthekid87 is a THIEF!!!!!


My name is Brett and I have been a collector for over 30 years.

I am an active member on numerous hobby boards and have enjoyed my time meeting many great people and trading many great items.

Today I was made aware of a post by sidthekid87 here on Blowout Cards that has left me seething.

He is selling a card that is not his.......he has stolen my scan.

Originally Posted by sidthekid87 View Post
i have this for you:


Hey sid.........nice card.

Too bad it's not yours!!!!


You want to steal scans and then try to pass off the cards as your own?

Not my scans you won't!

I've enjoyed this hobby for almost 30 years and I refuse to let some punk move like this go by me.

To anyone who has a transaction or is planning a transaction with sidthekid87......BEWARE!!!
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