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Its hard to categorize this series so far.

I dont want to slight the Coyotes, as they have been playing very good the first 2 games.

However, the game 1 winner in OT was a mere "fluky/lucky" goal than anything. It still went in and thats all that matters. Just tough to see the Preds get behind, only to battle back and force OT to lose on a goal like that.

Game 2..was..well interesting i guess. There were definitely more fluky/lucky goals by both sides. Casein point...what were you thinking (i want to say Weber) who just dropped the puck right in front of Rinne for an easy Coyotes goal.

It also didnt help that apparantly Radulov and Kostitsyn were out partying until 4am on game day for Game 2

Definitely have to hand it to Mike Smith though...hes been beastly in net.

Preds just need to get back to their style of play, and no silly TO's and bad defense.
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