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Allright, Thanks for the promo....

Sarah - Age 9 and 348 days - Loves getting extra cards from me, Used to pick the boxes for other members of a different forum when I would run case breaks and sell the boxes...always sent out the good hits to chittychitty844 (dang it!!!)...went to the National with me for the first time in chicago last year and pulled all 3 of my Panini wrapper redemption cards including my 1/1 sketch card by Andy dalton

Matthew - Age 6 3/4 - First auto ever pulled was Shark Boy in a TNA Blaster. Only wants Cubs and Bulls cards

Kristen - Age 4 1/2 - Doesn't understand cards yet, but knows to never ever touch daddy's cards.

One nice thing I did was to buy a box of cards each year that the kid was born and leave them unopened. I've resisted opening them, even though I know I coulda blew an awesome redemption...Haven't decided how old they should be when I let them open it.
Not looking for anything specific...usually will just looks through buckets and lists to see what catches my eye.
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