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Thanks for the Promo

Tyler (Turns 7 May 6th)--My son loves any card that looks cool aka refractors...He has his own empty Exquisite box with all his cards he has got from stocking stuffers or when we take a trip to Wally World and get some Value boxes (I keep the Harper and Chrome pack and he takes the 5 Update packs)

Haylee (6)--My daughter saw my son getting packs of cards and got a little upset because "she" wasnt getting anything (typical woman, yeah I said it) so I took her to the card section at Wally World (closest LCS btw is about 2 hours away so not so Local) and she saw they had Hello Kitty cards (stickers) and she gets a few packs everytime we go now...

Always Collecting Dolphins, Nationals, and Alabama Football Players in Alabama Uniforms

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