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Dominic - 12 years old - likes mainly football and hockey cards, has expensive tastes in what packs he wants to open as he got older. He "plays" with the cards more than my others where he'll take cards and make a team of his favorite players which reminds me of my card collecting days. He's always asking if "so and so" is a right wing or left wing to complete his dream line and he lays the cards out on the floor.

Noah - 11 years old - like FB, Hockey and also Pokemon cards. He loves to watch videos of people opening high end stuff (since we can't afford it). He likes the Adrenlyn cards from Pannini and since they are pretty cheap, I don't mind.

Kacie - 6 years old. She loves "minis". Maybe it's becuse they are more her size to handle. I give her most of the A&G, Gypsy Queen common minis and she carries them around in her purse. She's also my big "puller". Even though I only let her open the low-end stuff she pulled a 2007 Score Select Adrian Peterson Hot Card auto # to 20 and a regular 2011 Topps Cam Newton auto (her quote was "Dad, this card has some writing on it").

Carly - 4 years old - Likes non-sport stuff, big fan of Toy Story stickers, wears her Jessie halloween costume pretty much every day
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