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I have a 3 year old, Ethan, who is already a collector. He has a "baseball card" drawer in the living room and he gets random cards from me all the time. Unfortunately, he doesn't quite understand how to take care of them yet, but he has started using penny sleeves and toploaders!

Quick story: Last year during the Topps Diamond card giveaway, I was buying value boxes like crazy and my wife would help me open them. She would always let me know if she pulled a diamond giveaway code because that was the only card she knew that was good. Anyway, my son now takes old wrappers and puts his cards in them for me to open. We sit together as I read all the names and he always inserts a diamond giveaway code. When I get to the code he always says, "We got a diamond!"

Here he is at Easter, supporting the Tigers, and not quite focusing on the camera!

Thanks for the contest!!
Always looking for Detroit Tigers certified autographs that I don't have....GO TIGERS!!!
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