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Well I'll start with Jax (Jacob) age 7 until May 4th. What is funny is I keep reading how everyone is getting their kids into collecting but it is the opposite for us. Jax started loving football about two years ago and couldn't get enough. watched every game he could, watched highlights, read about all the players he could, and became a bigger fan than his father. He found cards at the local dollar store and couldn't get enough of them but about three months ago found out that there were auto and relic cards. So now he has gotten me into collecting with him. It has been great to find this hobby we can enjoy and grow together. In fact I have started a youtube channel just to chronical our journey with collecting. Jax andMe

Sarah age 11 would rather listen and look at Justin Bieber, the Hunger Games, or Twilight. I think I might tell her she could get cards of Justin... maybe not.

Thanks for running such a cool promo.
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