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First off, thank you. What a great promotion! The one thing I have always posted on places is that the kids are the future of the hobby. If we don't help them now, the hobby will fizzle. Great idea Blowout and I hope I can finally win something on here and most importantly have the victory be for my kids that I love.

I have four boys. Yep. 4. Ryder, Kadyn, Cyrus and Jaxyn. Ages 7, 5, 3, and 8 months. If they are anything like me, they will fall into the world of collecting at a young age. My 7 year old, or soon to be 7 year old his birthday is on June 16th (he would love nothing more than to see a box come with his name on it. He loves getting mail. Especially cards) is already joining the collecting world.

I started him off slowly. Giving him a few doubles here and there. Then buying him a pack here and there. The best idea I had to start him out in the collecting world was buying NFL Panini Adrenalyne and sticker books (NFL, Toy Story 3 and Cars 1+2) was before I started giving him other types of cards. By starting out with those kid friendly items it showed him how to sort, keep care of them, and showed him the fun of the hobby.

We then moved onto my doubles. And some packs here and there. Last year for his birthday he received his first jersey cards which he calls his "feeling ones" (because you can feel the jersey). He likes to open packs to not only find the "feeling ones", but to find shiny ones, rookie cards, and of course NY Giants. But he also has favorite players he looks for. #10 Giants (Eli), #11 redbirds (Larry Fitzgerald), #18 u's (Peyton Manning) and #12 G's (Aaron Rodgers) and #25 red ones (Jamaal Charles) He mainly collects NFL, but also digs into MLB and NBA too! His collection is very small. A few small binders. About 20 Giants cards. 5 jersey cards and one autograph. But its a start.

I have started my 3 and 5 year olds out this way as well. But instead of Adrenalyn I got them the Yo Gabba Gabba cards Press Pass made this year. That immediately caught their attention. And I showed them how to put them into 9 card page sleeves and into a binder.

My 8 month old obviously isn't ready yet, but i show him cards time to time and before he goes to be every night daddy gets the Beckett out and reads him a bedtime pricing story

Thanks again for the promotion and good luck to everyone! I have enjoyed reading the stories I have seen so far.
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