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Originally Posted by jlzinck View Post
You may of may not know this about me but I'm a HUGE fan of honesty. Brutal honesty is my specialty. If you throw in enough sarcasm people can't really tell if you are being honest with them or screw with them.

So a FB friend, not a real life friend but someone I know and who knows me and my personality went on a couple dates with a new fella.

She is one of those people who will take 200 pictures, not edit them at all and upload all of them from the device she took them with.

You might see the same "puppy in the grass" picture 8 times because she took 8 rapid fire pictures and just posts them all.

So while on a date she posts a picture of a plate on a table with a Hooters menu next to it. The caption read something along the lines of- We tried Hooters and we were underwhelmed by the cuisine and the waitress attire.

So I repond with a 100% truthful answer- Your new fella is either homosexual or lying about not liking the Hooters waitress attire to get in your pants.

She responded with "DISLIKE"

OK El Oh El.

I then see the picture below titled "He LOVES my little black dress" and tell her..."Now I KNOW he's trying to get in your pants lying about Hooters if he hated their outfit but loves this."

I log onthe next morning and she's not my friend anymore. This hurts me less than REDSOX2011 being banned but I do love making people look at themselves.

I know I'm going to hell but there will be a lot of fun people there.
Wait, when did that little sack sniffer get banned?
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