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Default Sportkings E break

I love sportkings.... But i love it more at 60 dollars

Love the look and they have great hits sprinkled through out...

But when 10 of your 16 boxes give you a 10-20 dollar hits for 100 dollars it gets old

no question what so ever this product will be 60 dollars a box in a month or two

you can't have 4 base cards and rod carew silver jersey for 100 dollars a box

i will wait and buy cases of it when it drops.. i just can't buy this product when it just comes out....

The product did a great thing adding the case hit.. the painting look amazing.. Patches are really cool and the cut checklist is very nice

But for 100 dollars a box you should at worst have 3 hits per pack...

I knew all this going in.... But i forget how frustrating it is to get a bill walton jersey for 100 dollars...

With all this being said..

this was my best hit.... Got some other cool stuff i will list later..

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