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Originally Posted by kyle1707 View Post
Just 16 boxes....

Will not argue but i had 5-6 boxes from my case that had 10-15 in resell
walton jersey carew jersey dee dee jersey molitor jersey etc..
that is a 80 dollar lose per box... lol

and only 2 of the 16 boxes had hits worth more than the box..

ovechkin patch and brunson auto shirt gold...

i will buy more cases when it is 65
The question is, will the Ovechkin and Brunson carry you to a profit?

Obviously, not every box can make you money. And with cards as nice as these patches, paintings, and cut autos, more boxes will have less in them than not.

I'd LOVE to see boxes go down to $60 per or less. It's not going to happen, but I'd love to see it.
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