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Originally Posted by WilsonValdez View Post
I wouldn't say they didn't care, but once the flyers (Insert Devils/Kovy) got their jump back, they (Flyers) definitely seemed "defeated", so to speak.

Kovalchuk is clearly hurt and should not be out there.(Insert Kovy is clearly carrying the play!) Whether it's due to injury, attitude or a combo of both, he is just a huge liability.

Also, dead serious question...are there any Devils [I](Insert Flyers)[/I] fans on these boards?
If no, I vote we re-name this thread to "Flyers fans circle jerk (with the occasional pop-in from Flyers haters)" . C'monnn there's gotta be some Devils fans.
Does any of these Flyer Fans really care? Or was the victory over Pit. there real motivation, when there Team was Winning they were very active, now that they have been outplayed we have not seen much presence, Hmmm I'll bet we see a response now And I'm just busting 'Balls' as this series is far from over, however it just goes to show how important Momentum is in the playoffs, and that 40 Yr. old Goalie ain't that bad!

And I would say Kovy is far from being a liability!

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