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Originally Posted by palmdesertcards View Post
csteezy .. saw you had a deal go south with him too yeah?

saved the PM trail so when he comes in here to make something up I have all the proof.
LMAO yeah

When contenders first came out he agreed to buy a Herzlich auto or Hynoski auto(cant remember which one)

Said he was waiting on a payment and he'd pay me. i thanked him for the update.

Then I pm him like 2 weeks later, ask him where my money is, when I saw I had a reply the next day, he said he forgot and he had to wait on stuff to sell so he could pay me. If I sold it in the meantime, that was fine.

aka I read between the lines. Values tanked, he was overpaying, so I just dropped a neg. Didn't reply to his pm.

He negged me back stating I agreed to wait until he got paid for the stuff he was trying to sell. Which is false, because it was 2 damn weeks.

Dude is worthless. Just neg him. You'll get one back, but so be it. Maybe if his feedback dips down low enough, people will steer clear.

People know who you are, so a neg won't matter in your case. It won't hinder any deals. My lone neg is from him and people have no problems still dealing with me.
If you don't reply to pms, you are a COWARD
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