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Originally Posted by jlzinck View Post
OK so he relents and says $13 is OK then you back out because he has a potty mouth?

From the thread....

So 8 1/2 hours you come here and post something with a title that has no context to what actually happened and you get sand in your vagina because of the tone of his PM.


Your cool man, can you teach me how to be a dbag like you? I wait 8.5 hours as I have a life and didnt feel the need to take time away from my family to come here. I spend money with people that have respect, dirtbag internet cowards dont deserve my business. He backed out of a deal and then wanted to cave because I didnt want to do business with someone that backs out of deals. You try and make it look like I BACKED OUT OF A DEAL. Ask any member on this board how I am as a buyer, thats what I thought.


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