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Originally Posted by TASS View Post
Does any of these Flyer Fans really care? Or was the victory over Pit. there real motivation, when there Team was Winning they were very active, now that they have been outplayed we have not seen much presence, Hmmm I'll bet we see a response now And I'm just busting 'Balls' as this series is far from over, however it just goes to show how important Momentum is in the playoffs, and that 40 Yr. old Goalie ain't that bad!

And I would say Kovy is far from being a liability!
Keeeeep stretching. The flyers fans have been the most present on this board, far and away. And those comments were totally accurate at the time.

Personally, I was out for my dad's birthday dinner and missed all but the OT, so don't really have much comment to give, other than they seem to be outworked and people look to be hurting pretty badly.

This next game is it. If they win this, I think they win the series. If not, I think it's pretty clear that they don't have it, and NJ will win it.

Originally Posted by yankeesfan24 View Post
Not too upset about last night. Flyers will make mistakes like that with relying on so many rookies to play key roles. Next year, this team will be so much better.'re a Flyers fan?
Mostly gone.
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