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Originally Posted by davebo View Post
This is easily a $60-$70 box in a month or two. It is already only $80 a box direct. The paintings (if you pull a better athlete), the high end cuts and the better athlete patches are all SK has going for it. The market will be flooded with everything else which should drive down prices.
I bet you can't find any for $80 direct right now.

It has always been $80 direct, and it sold out. If it was $100, nobody would be selling it for $100. LOL. They'd be selling it for a lot more.

I will say it again, there is no way this will ever hit $60 per box. It sure as heck will NOT be going down that much "in a month or two". The National is right around the corner, and there will be an amazing redemption program for those that open the product there.

But by all means...good luck holding out hoping to find boxes in the $60 range. LOL. You might find one or two, but the market will never price these at that.
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