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[QUOTE=WilsonValdez;2627015]Keeeeep stretching. The flyers fans have been the most present on this board, far and away. And those comments were totally accurate at the time.

Personally, I was out for my dad's birthday dinner and missed all but the OT, so don't really have much comment to give, other than they seem to be outworked and people look to be hurting pretty badly.

This next game is it. If they win this, I think they win the series. If not, I think it's pretty clear that they don't have it, and NJ will win it.

I knew you would post, just missed your after game commentary The Devils looked like they were playing inspired, and the play of Kovy was nothing short of phenomenal considering he is playing with some form of back injury! I think both Teams are banged up, with the only new injury being Couturier, and a non existant powerplay.
Since I don't root for either Team, I have become somewhat attached to NJ mainly because of Brodeur, who at the age of 40 (actually will turn 40 Sun.) has brought back memories of some incredible playoff Wins, and I would like to see him go out on top!
The Flyers have not played with the same intensity as the Pitt. series for various reasons, one of which I truly believe they took this series too lightly, which in the playoffs could be devastating, and having 2 powerplays in OT was a 'gift' that they did nothing with!
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