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He posted a thread offering 2 Topps Golden Giveaway codes for $3.

I PM him asking if they are available,

he PMs me his paypal info at mention of "I'm about to leave for work" or anything of the sort

I send him $3 via paypal at 2:44pm (Yes, it took me 56 minutes to pay)

I PM him saying "payment sent" and I get a response back saying "I'm at work, I'll PM you the codes either later tonight or tomorrow morning" I'm not in a huge hurry for these codes or anything, but I just assume that unless told otherwise ahead of time, the seller usually will PM the codes within an hour or two of payment being sent.

Not a huge deal because its only $3, but I responded with a PM saying "I wish you would have told me that before I paid".....thats all I said........I think it is the responsibility of a seller to at least tell you what you are getting into before you pay.

I get this response: "Seriously? I sent you a pm right after you pmed me with my paypal addy. You then logged off for a while. I stayed on hoping you would send the payment quickly so I could pm you the codes before I left for work but you didnt. If its that big of deal and youre in such a hurry, ill just refund you the 3 measly dollars.

At this point I'm mad....not because of the "3 measly dollars", but just the principle of the whole thing. I know customer service isn't stellar when it comes to $3 deals on a message board, but I expected better than this.

So I responded : Yes please refund my 3 measly dollars. I don't like your attitude and I think if you were about to leave all day you should have said something like "I'm leaving in an hour, if you want your codes today, please pay by 3:00".

I dont like the way you responded and I'll take my measly money somewhere else.

Simple and to the point. I dont think I was being a "Smart Ass"

So I get this response: "Dont respond with a smart ass attitude and you might not get one back. I waited for over an hour for you to send payment. How is that my fault. Im not obligated to refund you and if you want a refund, expect negative feedback for poor communication. This hassle isnt worth it over 3 dollars. Learn to be patient!

Now, I could be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure he IS obligated to refund for ANY reason. And the feedback extortion is just NOT COOL. He is the one that had the "poor communication", not me.

He then sent another PM with the codes, saying that his girlfriend texted them to him because I was being "so impatient" and then says "I hope youre satisfied" and asks me to leave him positive feedback.

so I send this response:If you cannot handle a buyer questioning the speed of delivery, you should not be selling things. Do not threaten people with negative feedback when they ask for a refund. That alone should earn you a negative. If you want to accuse me of having "poor communication", you may have wanted to COMMUNICATE to me that you were leaving for work and would not be able to send the codes if I did not pay within a certain amount of time.

You will not get feedback from me...and consider that a good thing.

I don't think I was being out-of-line with this. He had zero reason to get nasty with me for simply asking why he didn't tell me he was about to leave for the day.

Here's the final response I received from him "You must be some fat loser with no life to be able to sit here and argue all day over a 3 dollar item. We wouldnt be having this conversation if you paid promptly. How did I know you werent going to pay right away. You have anger issues, deal with them. Dont respond to me any more. Youre going on my block list.

I have no anger issues, I have a great life, and I'm not overweight....and the fact that it is only $3 is irrelevant.

After that, I simply told him to do me a favor and go ahead and block me.

Anyway, the point is, DO NOT DEAL with PadresFan86. And if you do, you shouldn't dare question anything or you are a "Fat Loser".

Would I be wrong to hit him with negative feedback?
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