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Default Pathetic: Tristan20 and Santosdegollado

BOTH of these guys are TERRIBLE if you actually want to get what you paid for in a timely manner. Heck, I havent even gotten my goods.


Paid this guy $20 on 4/17/2012 and he contacts me a week later saying a package was returned to him. Amazing since I get everything else I buy so I said give me the tracking showing it was delivered or attempted somewhere and then returned. Give me a tracking number that was never even scanned. Still to this date I have NOTHING


Paid this guy on 4/24/12 $150 via Paypal
I today 10 days later ask for tracking. He kindly tells me he has been on vacation or something and hasnt shipped yet. Shouldnt you tell someone you plan to take a 2 week or better loan before you ship something?

I dont know if people on here have come to accept this but its absolutely subpar. I dont care if you respond to me or not just SHIP MY STUFF WITHIN A FEW DAYS. Is that too much to ask? Atleast Tristan20 isnt making up stories but still Im sorry this is beyond pathetic.
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