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Its the best when people have all kinds of time to scan, respond to requests and questions, accept payments and post all day every day. But just cant find the time to ship. There are some great people on this site but the list gets smaller every day. I literally have 67 people on my ignore list. There is no rules Cruiser and until there is it wont stop. Seems like alot of people in the world take no pride in what they do or how they carry themselves. When I do something I do it right or I dont do it at all. But maybe that explains why I live in a beautiful house, have a great job and have both of my daughters college educations already paid for. Because I do things right, thats why. That may sound cocky and arrogant but it does not change the fact that its the truth. Everybody in life can have anything they want if they put thier mind to it and work for it. I wanted nice things in my life and I was not gonna settle for anything less and not give up until I achieved my goals. I wish some people on here would start taking some pride in what they do. It would make trading a whole lot easier for everyone.
Its sad that a good number of the conversations in this hobby begin with "how much"

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