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Happy April Fool's Day!
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Thank you for yet another fun contest!

I have two sons.

Aiden-2 1/2 years old (will be 3 on June 21st). He loves to look at mommy's cards. So much so, I have him my tin from 1997 with Brett Favre on to keep his cards in. I gave him a bunch of inserts from the 90's. All his cards are in top loaders and he likes to take them out and look at them. I also get him hot wheels cards and toy story 3 cards. He loves them all.

Logan-14 months. He just likes to steal the tin and put Aiden's cards in his mouth. He also eats paper/cardboard so you have to be careful or your cards will be gobbled up. He likes to bend older cards.

My project for them this year is to send out TTM's to all the Phillies players and some football players.
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