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Originally Posted by cruiserdaddy7 View Post
But you have time to post on here every day? You are on here typing every single day. Instead of typing in threads type in the Paypal password and click "print shipping label". I have a wife, 1 child and another one 4 months away. I have a home, a job and school as well. I ship EVERYTHING within 24 hours. I PM codes within 20 minutes of making a deal. I dont mess around and dont feel others should either. Sure I wouldnt mind watching those Paypal payments roll in while I sit on my ass and do other things. Unfortunately I dont and wont work that way. With that being said I gave both the people I posted ample time. Had they even shipped in 4-5 days they wouldnt have heard from me because they would have arrived in 7-8 days. Instead one refuses to provide working tracking and Tristan20 decided to vacation on my money and says he will ship on Monday which will be 2 weeks later. Piss poor in my opinion.
I can post from my phone, i can post while I'm in class...the issue is those who take forever to ship Im not justifying their actions and by no means did i post to be attacked by the Homeowners association of america i posted my opinion that some people take longer due to other responsibilities I have a home as well but that has nothing to do with anything. I spend a decent amount of time online late doing school work so i have multiple forums up at the same time. If i take longer then 5-6 days I simply refund the seller and message him an apology.
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