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Originally Posted by Srt42004n View Post
I can post from my phone, i can post while I'm in class...the issue is those who take forever to ship Im not justifying their actions and by no means did i post to be attacked by the Homeowners association of america i posted my opinion that some people take longer due to other responsibilities I have a home as well but that has nothing to do with anything. I spend a decent amount of time online late doing school work so i have multiple forums up at the same time. If i take longer then 5-6 days I simply refund the seller and message him an apology.
My question is this. Why when it takes 5 minutes to post scans and list your items for sale are you not using 5 minutes to print and package items? This isnt a direct attack on you but a question in general. People sure have time to take the money but then all of a sudden their time is short when it comes to shipping? And no offense but if I paid you for something and 6 days later you refunded my money and I didnt get my item thats a negative transaction for me. Hold my funds a week and then send them back? Again this isnt an attack but Im not sure how someone can justify taking 5 days to ship something on a regular basis since labels can be printed in 30 seconds and can be dropped in a mailbox in your front yard.
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