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Originally Posted by screamingdc View Post
how many franchise players do you think there are in the NBA then? i don't think Harden is a franchise player mysef and i think there are maybe 10 or so real franchise players in the league to begin with. and any team with a good supporting cast can make the playoffs with or without a franchise player (Indiana, Atlanta, Utah, Memphis). guys who i label as franchise players include Kobe, Dwight Howard, Lebron, Rose, Duncan, and CP3 for example.
Everyone you named, D-Wade, Carmelo (when he first came in the league), Griffin, etc.. Nobody said a team without a franchise player can't make the playoffs. Harden hasn't been given the opportunity to be the face of a franchise but based on what he's shown, he has the potential to be THAT guy. I don't see why a franchise couldn't build around him, but at this point it's all speculation.
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