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Originally Posted by cking View Post
Then you should not do deals if you have to much on your plate, unless you let your buyer know ahead of time that there could be a delay in shipping. If they are cool with that then all is good. But if you are taking payments and not saying anything about shipping delays and then taking forever to ship then you are in the wrong bud. There was a thread made about you recently about shipping delays if I remember correctly. Saying you are too busy to ship is not a good approach. I have two children, a spouse, a full time job, my own home to take care of and family that likes to visit all the time. I still find time to ship. Some people will listen to excuses. I wont. Dont do deals if you dont have time to ship. That is not fair to buyers.
exactly, i dont care if you are booked all day everyday, dont make deals then right?!?!?

the list is getting small FAST of people I trust doing business with, VERY small these days.
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