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Originally Posted by jcmel323 View Post
One hell of a fight

Cotto lost by several things:

-Mayweather was holding Cotto to much
-Cotto need to use much more the corner

Anyway i am very proud of Cotto
lmao this is hilarious.

Your a self admitted Cotto mark...but where the hell do you get off saying thats the reasons why he lost??

it wasnt the fact that Mayweather landed SEVERAL more punches in the first 3-4 rounds...much less more POWER strikes

Or the fact that Mayweather is known for his tough, unrelenting guard/defense...

Or the fact that Cotto's guard was shoddy at best (Mayweather landed several shots to the head either right through his gloves or right inside them

Did you even watch the damn fight? It was clear Mayweather straight DOMINATED the fight. Cotto had a little surge in the middle rounds and rocked him a bit to make it closer...but other than that nothing.

but your right..Cotto lost because "Mayweather held him too much"
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