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Originally Posted by Bulls1 View Post
Just redeemed the Dominique Wilkins /25, the panini website says "Dominique Wilkins Los Angeles Clippers F" I didn't know he was on the Clippers during the 93-94 season. Should be a sweet card though. Can someone please link the 93-94 Clippers unis, thanks
CONGRATS!! I have one too and can't wait to get it. I think it's pretty cool that it's a Clippers jersey, something different...

I have a picture of the Prime version, but the regular jersey should be sweet too.

Winners of the contest... glen87 is a SUPER genius, and cromartie3145 also has a very bright mind for at the very least adding 18 (the right answer) as one of the answers
It's all about the 76ers in 2015...
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