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Originally Posted by kyle1707 View Post
I lost over half on my case...

5-6 of my boxes sold for about 25 dollars toal... at 85 dollars a box i lost 450 dollars on those...

it is rough to say the least

Just like every other Sports Card Case Gamble/Investment -

Think about it 12,000 boxes @ $100 each retail = $1,200,000
Cost to manufacture, buy swatches, autos, 250+ Jared Kelly Art Cards, shipping, distribution, packaging, etc. = 40% $480,000 (est)
Dr. Price Should make a little for all his work = $100,000
Distributor Makes $12 a box a little $144,000

Leaves $476,000 worth of value as compared to retail, so you can expect to make about 40% or less back on average. We all know it's a gamble.
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