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Default scottkoz20's 3 General Rules for COMC offers

I want to be as transparent as possible on my dealing at COMC. So these are my guidelines that I will be following when review submitted offers.

1) I typically do not accept 50% offers unless it is in a 50% sale (as posted in the COMC Classified section and also here on blowout). I believe the majority of my pricing is fair. If you are making a significant offer, then I'm more likely to entertain offers asking 50% off, but there is no guarantee that I would accept the offer.

2) I generally will not accept offers on cards that are the lowest price on the site, especially on cards that are already 50% lower than anyone else. If I mis-mark a card, don't give me a chance to correct it.

3) If I send you a counter-offer, this number is my lowest number that I'm willing to take for the card. There are number of factors that will go into this decision on making a counter. Please note that I do reserve the right to reject an offer outright.

I have no problem if you want to reach out to me with questions about anything that I have. Worse thing I'll tell you is no.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping.
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